Speak loudly and clearly!

You can study Spanish for years, learn all of the grammar rules, quite a bit of vocabulary, and still not be able to actually speak Spanish! How can that be?

Well, there's a big difference between knowing a lot about Spanish, and actually being able to speak Spanish. You can learn a lot about Spanish by studying grammar and learning vocabulary, but that alone is not enough. The only way to actually learn how to speak Spanish is by practicing speaking Spanish.

Think about it. Would you expect to be able to learn to ride a bicycle by reading about it? No way!

You could learn about riding a bicycle-for example you could learn about the gyroscopic effect and how the faster you go, the harder it is to fall over. But to actually learn how to ride, you're going to have to hop on and start trying. And that's how it is with Spanish. The only way to become conversational is through lots and lots of speaking practice.

And when you are practicing, remember this: Always speak loudly and clearly!

You will get 10 times the benefit from your practice session if you speak loudly and clearly. If you mumble or speak under your breath, it's really not much better than just reading. When practicing, you must speak as though you were holding a conversation! Please, never forget that!

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